Vietnamese Restaurant Near Freeport FL

Looking for a Vietnamese restaurant near Freeport, FL? Check out Eurasian Bistro in Pensacola, founded by Paul Nguyen, an escapee from Vietnam. Experience authentic Vietnamese dishes with French influences in a friendly ambiance. Don't miss out on the delectable flavors!

If you find yourself craving the bold flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, look no further than Eurasian Bistro, a charming Vietnamese restaurant located in Pensacola, FL. Founded by Paul Nguyen, a Vietnamese native who escaped his homeland on a boat in 1977, Eurasian Bistro offers a unique fusion of authentic Vietnamese dishes with French influences. After a successful career at Microsoft and NASA, Paul decided to follow his passion and bring the flavors of his homeland to the masses. With a mission to provide consistently good food and a friendly ambiance, Eurasian Bistro promises to introduce you to the wonders of Vietnamese cuisine in a delightful dining experience. So, if you’re near Freeport, FL, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the delectable dishes that Eurasian Bistro has to offer.

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About Eurasian Bistro

Eurasian Bistro, located at 10015 N Davis Hwy, Suite 600 in Pensacola, FL, is a Vietnamese restaurant that offers a unique and delightful dining experience. The bistro was founded by Paul Nguyen, who has an interesting background and a passion for Vietnamese cuisine.

Background of Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and his family escaped from the country on a boat in 1977, two years after the fall of Saigon. After spending some time in a refugee camp in Indonesia, his family arrived in the United States and eventually settled in Houston, Texas. Paul’s upbringing in a Vietnamese household and his love for his culture’s cuisine shaped his future endeavors.

Location and Contact Information

If you’re looking to visit Eurasian Bistro, you can find it at 10015 N Davis Hwy, Suite 600 in Pensacola, FL. To make a reservation or inquire about their services, you can contact them at (850) 786-3459. For more information about the bistro, you can visit their website at

History of Eurasian Bistro

Paul Nguyen, after an impressive career working for both Microsoft and NASA, decided to retire from the corporate world in 2013. He then relocated to Pensacola in 2015 and enjoyed a peaceful seven-year hiatus. However, Paul’s passion for Vietnamese cuisine and his desire to share it with others led him to embark on a new challenge – opening Eurasian Bistro.

Escape from Vietnam

Paul’s journey to the United States began when his family escaped from Vietnam on a boat in 1977. This escape came just two years after the fall of Saigon. The perilous journey brought them to a refugee camp in Indonesia, where they stayed for less than a year before finally finding their new home in the United States.

Settling in the United States

After their arrival in the United States, Paul’s family settled in Houston, Texas. They worked hard to establish a new life and create a sense of belonging in their new home. The Vietnamese culture and cuisine remained an integral part of Paul’s upbringing and ultimately influenced his career path.

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Career at Microsoft and NASA

Paul’s dedication and hard work led him to prestigious roles at both Microsoft and NASA. His contributions to the technological and space exploration fields allowed him to showcase his skills and make a lasting impact. However, his love for Vietnamese cuisine never wavered.

Retirement and Move to Pensacola

After an illustrious career, Paul decided it was time to retire and seek a change of scenery. He chose Pensacola, a city known for its beauty and vibrant culture. The serene coastal setting and warm community made it the perfect place for Paul to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Founding of Eurasian Bistro

In 2020, after seven years of retirement, Paul saw an opportunity to bring his passion for Vietnamese cuisine to the masses. With the founding of Eurasian Bistro, Paul aimed to create an experience that would both delight customers and showcase the unique flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. He envisioned an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, where customers would feel welcome and satisfied.

Vietnamese Restaurant Near  Freeport FL

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Mission of Eurasian Bistro

Eurasian Bistro has a clear mission that drives everything they do – to bring awareness of Vietnamese cuisine to a wider audience. They aim to showcase the rich flavors and diverse culinary traditions of Vietnam, while also incorporating French influences into their dishes. This fusion of cultures creates a truly unique dining experience that highlights the best of both worlds.

Bringing Awareness of Vietnamese Cuisine

One of the main goals of Eurasian Bistro is to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to people who may not be familiar with it. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to taste the delicious flavors and experience the vibrant culture that Vietnamese cuisine represents.

Friendly Ambiance

In addition to the incredible food, Eurasian Bistro prioritizes creating a warm and friendly ambiance for their customers. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

Authenticity with French Influences

Eurasian Bistro is committed to maintaining the authenticity of Vietnamese cuisine while also incorporating French influences. This combination results in unique and flavorful dishes that showcase the best of both cuisines. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Vietnamese cuisine or interested in trying something new, Eurasian Bistro has something for everyone.


The menu at Eurasian Bistro is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam, as well as the fusion of Vietnamese and French flavors. With a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes, French-inspired fusion creations, and options for vegetarians and vegans, there is something to suit every palate.

Traditional Vietnamese Dishes

Eurasian Bistro offers a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes that capture the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. From the comforting warmth of Pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, to the savory goodness of Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich filled with flavorful meats and pickled vegetables, each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail.

French-Inspired Fusion Dishes

For those looking for a unique dining experience that blends cultures, Eurasian Bistro also offers French-inspired fusion dishes. These dishes highlight the interplay between Vietnamese and French flavors, resulting in exciting and unexpected combinations. Whether it’s a twist on a classic dish or a completely new creation, these fusion dishes are sure to impress.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Eurasian Bistro understands the importance of catering to all dietary preferences. That’s why they offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. These dishes are crafted with the same attention to detail and dedication to flavor as the rest of the menu, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a satisfying meal at Eurasian Bistro.

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Vietnamese Restaurant Near  Freeport FL

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While every dish at Eurasian Bistro is crafted with care and attention to detail, there are a few specialties that truly shine. These dishes have become customer favorites and showcase the unique flavors and techniques that make Vietnamese cuisine so special.


Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup that has become a beloved dish around the world. Eurasian Bistro’s Pho is a labor of love, with a rich and flavorful broth that is simmered for hours, tender slices of beef or chicken, and an array of fresh herbs and spices. The result is a comforting and satisfying bowl of soup that will warm your soul.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that combines French and Vietnamese flavors in a delightful way. Eurasian Bistro’s Banh Mi is made with a crusty baguette, tender and flavorful meats like grilled pork or lemongrass chicken, pickled vegetables, and a variety of sauces and herbs. The combination of textures and flavors makes for a truly unique and delicious sandwich experience.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a popular Vietnamese dish that features grilled pork served with rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a flavorful dipping sauce. Eurasian Bistro’s Bun Cha showcases the complex layers of flavors that Vietnamese cuisine is known for. Each element of the dish comes together harmoniously, creating a meal that is both satisfying and full of depth.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese pancake that is made with a crispy rice flour batter and filled with a variety of meats, vegetables, and herbs. Eurasian Bistro’s Banh Xeo is a delightful and flavorful dish that combines the crunch of the pancake with the freshness of the fillings. With each bite, you’ll experience a burst of flavors and textures that will leave you wanting more.

Customer Reviews

The success of Eurasian Bistro can be attributed, in large part, to the positive reviews and feedback from their satisfied customers. Here are some of the highlights that customers have shared about their experiences at Eurasian Bistro.

Positive Feedback on Food

Customers consistently rave about the delicious and flavorful dishes served at Eurasian Bistro. The combination of traditional Vietnamese recipes and French influences creates a unique and memorable dining experience. From the rich and savory Pho to the complex flavors of the fusion dishes, each bite is a true delight.

Praise for Friendly Staff

In line with their mission to create a friendly ambiance, Eurasian Bistro’s staff is often praised for their warm and welcoming demeanor. From the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted with a smile and genuine hospitality. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each customer has a wonderful dining experience.

Ambiance and Decor

Customers appreciate the cozy and inviting atmosphere of Eurasian Bistro. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully decorated, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for guests to enjoy their meal. Whether you’re looking for a cozy lunch spot or a romantic dinner setting, Eurasian Bistro has you covered.

Consistency in Quality

One aspect that stands out in customer reviews is the consistency in the quality of the food and service at Eurasian Bistro. Customers appreciate that each visit offers the same level of excellence, ensuring that they can always count on a fantastic dining experience.

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Vietnamese Restaurant Near  Freeport FL

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Location and Accessibility

Eurasian Bistro is conveniently located near Freeport, FL, making it an ideal dining destination for locals and visitors alike. The bistro is easily accessible and offers a tranquil and serene setting, allowing you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Proximity to Freeport FL

For those in the Freeport area looking to indulge in Vietnamese cuisine, Eurasian Bistro is just a short drive away. The proximity of the restaurant to Freeport makes it the perfect option for a day trip or a night out.

Directions and Transportation

Getting to Eurasian Bistro is simple, thanks to its convenient location. Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, you can easily reach the bistro. For specific directions, you can use GPS or contact the restaurant for assistance.

Opening Hours

Eurasian Bistro aims to accommodate a variety of schedules, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience their delicious cuisine. Their opening hours are designed to be flexible and convenient for customers.

Weekday Hours

On weekdays, Eurasian Bistro is open from [insert weekday opening hours]. This allows for a quick and tasty lunch option or a relaxing dinner in the evenings.

Weekend Hours

For those looking to enjoy a leisurely weekend meal, Eurasian Bistro is open on Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend hours provide the perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family and savor the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese Restaurant Near  Freeport FL

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Reservations and Takeout

Eurasian Bistro offers convenient reservation and takeout options, ensuring that you can enjoy their food in the way that best suits your needs.

Reservation Policy

To secure a table at Eurasian Bistro, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. This ensures that you have a guaranteed spot and allows the staff to prepare for your visit. Reservations can be made by contacting the restaurant directly via phone or through their website.

Takeout Options

If you prefer to enjoy Eurasian Bistro’s delicious food from the comfort of your own home, takeout options are available. Simply place your order ahead of time and pick it up at the designated time. This convenient option allows you to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal wherever you please.

Events and Catering

In addition to their regular dining services, Eurasian Bistro also offers options for private events and catering. Whether you’re planning a special celebration or a corporate gathering, Eurasian Bistro can provide a customized menu and exceptional service.

Private Events

If you’re looking to host a private event, Eurasian Bistro has you covered. They offer a private dining area that can accommodate a variety of group sizes, allowing you to celebrate in a cozy and intimate setting. The staff at Eurasian Bistro will work with you to create a customized menu and ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Catering Services

For larger events or gatherings, Eurasian Bistro provides catering services that bring their delicious cuisine to your desired location. From corporate events to weddings and everything in between, their team can create a customized menu that will leave your guests impressed.

Customized Menus

Eurasian Bistro understands that each event is unique, which is why they offer customized menus for private events and catering. They will work closely with you to understand your preferences and dietary restrictions, ensuring that every dish is tailored to your specific needs.

In conclusion, Eurasian Bistro in Pensacola, FL, is a Vietnamese restaurant that offers an exceptional dining experience. Founded by Paul Nguyen, the bistro aims to bring awareness of Vietnamese cuisine to a wider audience, while also incorporating French influences into their dishes. With a menu featuring traditional Vietnamese dishes, French-inspired fusion creations, and options for vegetarians and vegans, Eurasian Bistro offers something for everyone. The restaurant has received praise for their delicious food, friendly staff, inviting ambiance, and consistency in quality. Located near Freeport, FL, Eurasian Bistro is easily accessible and provides a tranquil setting for diners. Reservations and takeout options are available, and the restaurant also offers services for private events and catering. Whether you’re a fan of Vietnamese cuisine or simply looking to try something new, Eurasian Bistro is a must-visit destination.

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